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Welcome Spring!

Spring is in the air!  The snow has melted, longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and sunny skies all bring the glimmer of the arrival of spring at long last.

As much as I love spring, and what follows (I am a heat monkey), I felt compelled to speak to the common associations with the changing seasons that not everyone might share.

Spring is often described as a time of  “renewal, energy, cleansing”, and many other associations in literature and advertising which tell us what spring should be and how we should feel.  However, everyone is different, and people have different times of energy and power in relation to the seasons.  Some people love the winter; winter activities in the snow, the crisp air, longer nights, and the warmth of the home.  Others come alive in summer.  To make categorizations such as “winter is the time to go within” and spring is the time for “renewal, to energize and make changes” might simply not fit for you.  Proclamations that everyone should feel a certain way for the season may disconnect you from what you feel and what your experiences are.  Follow what feels true for you, what resonates with you, and let go if there is any guilt associated with all the “should” out there.  I have always liked Louise Hay’s quote: “don’t let anybody should on you”.

If spring and the coming of summer inspires you to get a more active, the spring schedule is out for Mat and Reformer group classes.  If you find the transition periods of one season to the next challenging, or if you need a little help to get moving, joining a group class or trying some privates can help to motivate you.  All of the group classes are small in size (mat classes are a maximum of 6 people) and group Reformer classes are limited to 3 people, so be sure to book early and reserve your spot!

Additionally, the studio is offering SPRING SPECIALS for private Pilates mat classes with my two teacher trainees, Jacqui and Tracey. The studio is offering private one hour sessions at $25, or forty-five minute sessions for $20.  Book 2 private one hour or forty-five minute sessions and save $5 ($45 for 2 one hour sessions, or $35 for 2 forty-five minute sessions).  All prices include taxes.  Now that’s a spring deal, and I’m all for deals and savings – any time of the year!  The only cliché I will use is: “the early bird gets the worm” as times and space are limited with these two fabulous ladies.

This opportunity is a great gift idea for friends or family to introduce them to Pilates, and beneficial to have the one on one before joining a group class should that be of interest.  Alternately, if you are interested in getting some one on one attention, it is a wonderful opportunity and gift to yourself.  Your body is your temple.  If you don’t take care of it, where will you live?

New to the group classes and not sure which one to take?  Here is a quick guide for the different classes:

ELDOA/Pilates:  This class combines Pilates for spinal movement and core strengthening with ELDOA’s, a revolutionary stretching technique for each and every segment of the spine designed to improve posture, strength and overall spinal health.

Pilates:  Pilates Mat classes use classical and contemporary approaches that target core strength in both stabilization and movement while addressing the whole body.  Other modalities are drawn upon and incorporated for whole body movement, health, and self-care.

Gentle Hatha:  This gentle hatha yoga class blends relaxation, poses, flows and finishes with savasana.  Different modalities are weaved into these yoga classes to promote release, relaxation, awareness and enhance whole body movement and health.  This slower approach uses the breath with gravity and natural elongation of the spine to open the body and integrate movement through the whole body while harnessing the body’s strength and releasing unnecessary tension.

Trio Reformer Classes: This class is on the most renowned Pilates piece of equipment the reformer for whole body work, conditioning, stretch and strength.

For more information on the spring Group Mat class schedule, click here.

For more information on the spring Reformer group class schedule, click here

Additionally, for upcoming classes and events at the studio as well as informative articles and videos related to what is done at the studio, visit my Facebook page and like it (Nicole Piller Pilates & Yoga).  There is a recent post of  a video with Eric Franklin (the Franklin Method), being interviewed by Sue Hitzman (MELT Method).  Both of these modalities offer easy ways to integrate fantastic tools into every day life that enable people to feel better in their body, improve movement, flexibility, strength and over all well being.  In the video, Eric says “you are happy when you are healthy”.  Amen to that.