nicole piller pilates yoga & reiki

a union of body, mind and spirit


“I was referred to Nicole by my chiropractor a year ago. A year earlier, I fell and developed sciatic pain. The fall also triggered old back and neck pain. I was a mess. Physio made the pain worse and regular chiropractic sessions provided only short term relief. I was skeptical that anyone could help.

Nicole practices a variety of techniques, including yoga, reiki (energy work), Franklin Method and Pilates. When I began working with Nicole, doing Pilates seemed an impossible goal.

When I filled out the initial new client form, where it asked what I wanted to achieve with our work, I wrote, “I want my body back”. A year later, using the various techniques, including lots of reiki, I am doing Pilates. I have my body and flexibility back. But most important of all, I look forward to getting up each day.  My pain levels are greatly reduced. I have weeks, sometimes months that are pain free.

My testimonial is not only about Nicole’s work but about who she is as a human being. She is passionately committed to her clients and to healing. Her training is extensive and her knowledge of the body, profound. Her ability to explain how the body works, with great clarity, is a gift. I love Nicole, as a teacher, restorative therapist and as a human being. She uniquely brings together a portfolio of healing that is incomparable”    M Wohl

“I have been a client of Nicole Piller for several years.  I have yet to meet another fitness instructor that pays as much attention to detail as Nicole.  She is extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable about pilates and the body and is constantly working on her own professional development. Nicole does so much more than instruct pilates. If you have any medical or physical issue, Nicole will ensure that she speaks with the medical practitioner (doctor, chiropractor…) so that she can create the best and most suitable program for your body.  I can’t see myself doing pilates with anyone else – I’ve been spoiled!”  Wendy Graham, Elementary School Teacher


“I started taking pilates classes about 15 years ago – with Nicole. And the combination of this amazing, smart form of exercise, and Nicole’s patience and expertise, have transformed my body and exceeded all my expectations of what I could achieve. THANKS Nicole… you were right… it IS good for me…”
S Zillmer, Firefly Foundation… Toronto


“Nicole tailors her pilates and yoga programs for each individual’s needs. As a chronic back pain sufferer, I have been able to participate in pilates and yoga for over 15 years with Nicole’s informed guidance. I am grateful for that!”
S Jaegar, Story Teller…Toronto


“I have worked with Nicole for over 10 years, and I have to say, she is the first instructor that I have ever worked with in any form of exercise, who made me understand how my body moves. She watches me very carefully when I am exercising and immediately helps me use my muscles effectively and most importantly, safely. I am always amazed at how she picks up on the subtle clues as to what I am doing and never, ever lets me get away with anything!  Nicole has a great ability to work with both individuals and many sizes of groups and optimize the experience for everyone. Very few instructors can do it as well as she can.  She’s also just a fun and lively person to be with – which when you’re working through those 100’s is a real bonus!”
L Wilson-Orr, Prinicpal Parkin Architects Ltd… Toronto


“I have taken many classes with Nicole and she has an amazing intuition for what is going on in my body and how to fix it. Her knowledge of anatomy is extensive which makes her able to zero in on any problems and work with you to improve them. She is supportive and patient and with her encouragement I’m able to succeed in completing movements I never would have thought possible. She also works realistically with your capabilities in forming a program that you will succeed in. Her passion for what she does is contagious and she manages to get you excited about what you are doing, and it makes you want to do it on your own. She doesn’t make it seem like a chore.”
M Tyzkyj Veterinary Tech… Toronto


“Nicole is a wonderful instructor. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook are very encouraging and infectious. After seeing results in group classes at my gym, I knew private instruction with Nicole was the next step. She is continually helping me improve my body and well being. Even my sessions at the chiropractor have reduced through proper instruction by Nicole! Thanks Nicole!”
CJ Pinto, Business Analyst, TD Bank… Toronto