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MELT Method

The MELT Method®  balls are used at the studio for private or group sessions to help clients with issues anywhere in the body or to simply introduce clients to the amazing benefits of these self-treatments.

The MELT Method® hand and foot treatments are simple self-treatments that help bring the body to a more ideal state by enhancing body awareness, rehydrating connective tissue, and quieting the nervous system.  New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living is a balanced nervous system and healthy and hydrated connective tissue. These two components work together to provide support for the body and optimal mind-body communication. The MELT balls improve the body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, reduce chronic pain, and stay healthy and active for a lifetime.

How does it Work?

Small balls are used directly on the hands or the feet to help with local injuries and tightness while working on the whole body.  Simple and easy to learn techniques are used to help release tension, relax muscles, break up internal scar tissue, open up joint spaces, hydrate the different layers of connective tissue (fascia), and help activate the body’s healing system.

The balls work on local areas of tightness and injury on the hands and feet, in addition to working on the whole body.  How?  The balls work on the connective system of the body called fascia and help to hydrate it.  Fascia is the largest system in the body that surrounds all aspects of it including muscles, bones, cartilage, and organs.  Fascia seamlessly connects and separates everything from head to toe.  Repetition of daily living causes connective tissue to become dehydrated from compression (standing, walking, and sitting), and from the pull and friction of different activities.  Dehydration makes connective tissue less supportive, responsive and adaptable which causes strain and pain in the body.  It also causes disconnect in movement.  MELT balls help keep connective tissue hydrated and healthy in just minutes a day.

The quick self-treatments for the hands and feet can be done anywhere – home, travel, or work.  Doing the treatments three times a week provide immediate and long lasting benefits.  Mini hand and foot treatments can also be done daily.  People who MELT regularly find that their bodies feel and move better, and energy levels increase.

Benefits of MELT:

  • Improves flexibility and mobility in the hands and feet an throughout entire body
  • Reduce hand pain (e.g. trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress syndrome) and foot pain (e.g. plantar fasciitis, neuromas, heal from injury)
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Relieves tight areas and muscles
  • Improves posture, sleep, digestion and over all well-being
  • Helps with headaches and migraines
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Increases energy

What does “MELT” stand for?

MELT is an acronym for “Myofascial Energetic Length Technique”.  Muscular action to lengthen and hydrate the connective tissue is employed.  Because this connective tissue, called fascia, interconnects everything in the body, you can create change throughout the whole body by working on just one part.

Over the past decade, the research into connective tissue, pelvic and spinal stability, sensory motor learning, and neuroscience has expanded exponentially. Sue Hitzman, the creator of  MELT Method®   has partnered, collaborated, and studied with the world’s most renowned educators and researchers in these fields of human science, including Robert Schleip, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, Tom Myers, Diane Lee, Elaine DeBeauport, and Gil Hedley.

As the research emerged, Sue assimilated histological studies and neurological and connective tissue research, and has participated in numerous human cadaver dissections. She has integrated her discoveries with her manual, movement, and kinesthetic therapy education and conducted empirical research with thousands of clients and students.

Sue’s pursuits have unexpectedly led her to the profound discovery of the intersection of the nervous and connective tissue systems. Based on her understanding of the inseparable link between these two systems, she has become the first self-proclaimed neurofascial specialist. Addressing the balance within and between the nervous and connective tissue systems is central to MELT.

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Many of my clients who use the MELT balls have had immediate results and improvements, so much so that they own MELT kits with the different small balls to use at home, work, and when traveling.

I was introduced to the treatments about 6 years ago, and although at that time I did not experience the immediate “wow” facto, I believed in the treatments and purchased the balls for my personal use and to use with clients.  It was not until my old and chronic foot injury from my dancing days became acute that I experienced the immediate results.  One particular day, I had nearly half the range of motion in my one foot, and I thought, “Well, I have the tools at my disposal, I’ll try the foot treatment”.  After doing the full treatment on my right foot which took 5 minutes, full range of motion was restored and the pain was gone.

Since then, MELTing has been part of my body maintenance, and I use the balls for a hand and/or foot treatments at least 3 times a week.  Since I have been doing the treatments regularly, I have never slept more soundly.  Additionally, I have reduced neck and back tightness, reduced pain during my menstrual cycle, and improved flexibility in my hands and feet.  MELTing for me is a staple to help balance my nervous system and keep my fascia hydrated.  The results?  A happier, healthier, and more energized body (and mind)!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

“Thank you so much for last night it was truly amazing!!!!!! My shoulder was sore when I came into the workshop and afterwards (and still this morning) there is no sign of the pain or discomfort what so ever. I am now a HUGE advocate of the MELT method and am so grateful to you for sharing your wisdom”   S Runcie

“MELT Balls saved me from having to retire prematurely from my profession as a massage therapist. Although I did self-care everyday increasingly I felt more and more pain, strain, stiffness, weakness and decreased range of motion in my hands, forearms and shoulders. The discovery of MELT Balls changed my life instantly. The fascial component was the element I’d been missing. After one session I knew my career longevity had just expanded”    L Wilsher

“My plantar fasciitis recently flared again and was interfering with my ability to enjoy long walks with the dogs. I saw you, and although there was a delay of a couple of hours, I found that just one session with the Melt Balls significantly alleviated my symptoms. I used them every morning for the next several days and the plantar fasciitis resolved completely. I continue to use them intermittently to maintain my “foot health” and as always, am so grateful to you for providing me with the tools and techniques to manage my various aches and pains”    S Veinish

“I love the melt balls. They are wonderful for releasing the fascia in my feet and reducing pain from fascia that was way too tight. I take them everywhere with me. I have a set in the office, a set at home and I take one or two balls with me when I travel. I have even started using them on too tight thigh fascia”     L Wilson-Orr