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Group Mat Classes

Group Mat Classes Spring Session 2018

Monday:  9:15 – 10:00 am:  Pilates Mat Class (Level 1 & 2). Spring Session is 11 weeks starting April 9 going to & incl. June 25, 2018. (No class May 21st for Victoria Day). Cost is $204.

Monday:  12:00 – 1:00 pm:  Pilates Mat Class (Level 1 & 2). Spring Session is 11 weeks starting April 9 going to & incl. June 25, 2018. (No class May 21st for Victoria Day). Cost is $226.

Wednesday:  6:30 – 7:30 pm: Pilates / ELDOA Class for Spinal Rejuvenation. Spring Session is 13 weeks starting April 4 going to & incl. June 27, 2018.  Cost is $267.

Thursday:  10:00 – 11:00 am: Pilates Mat Class. (Level 1 & 2).  Spring Session is 13 weeks starting April 5 going to & incl. June 28, 2018.  Cost is $267.

Thursday: 11:15 – Noon: Pilates Mat Class.  (Level 1& 2).  Spring Session is 13 weeks starting April 5 going to & incl. June 28, 2018.  Cost is $241.

Thursday:  7:00 – 8:00 pm: Pilates  Level 1 & 2 & ELDOA (+ Everything But The Kitchen Sink!)  Spring Session is 13 weeks starting April 5 going to & incl. June 28, 2018.  Cost is $267.

Friday:   4:15 – 5:30 pm:  Gentle Hatha Yoga Infused with Pilates.  Spring Session is 11 weeks starting April 6 going to & incl. June 22, 2018. (No class May 18th for Victoria Day Long Weekend.)  Cost is $248.

Sessions can be pro-rated for any classes students know in advance they will miss.  Other missed classes can be made up in any other group mat class during the Spring Session (space permitting).  Small price difference TBP for those who do a make up in a class longer in length from the regular session.

*Miss a number of classes because “life” happens?  NEW offer to bank missed classes and use the PEMF mat.  Bank a total of 3 missed mat classes and get 30 minutes free on the PEMF mat.  Must be used during spring session.

Drop in Classes are $25

Introductory special for first-time students: try any 3 classes of choice for $30 (Valid for 1 month). For more information email:  All prices include HST except drop in classes and Intro Special of 3 classes for first time students.

Mat Class Descriptions

Intro to Pilates Foundations Class:  This class is for those with no experience with Pilates. A foundation of correct movement is built with awareness brought to on breathing, alignment and balanced muscle development. This class will lay the foundation to continue in ongoing classes in the schedule.

Beginner Pilates Mat Class:  This class covers classical and contemporary Pilates repertoire to target the “core” as well as the whole body. A foundation of a warm up and beginner level Pilates mat exercises will stretch and strengthen the body while creating a good foundation for movement and posture to carry you through life. This class is slower paced and good for those recovering from an injury, surgery, mothers who recently gave birth, or those who want to return to the basics.

Pilates Mat Class (Level 1 & 2):  This mat class covers both the classical Pilates mat repertoire along with new and innovative stretch and strengthening exercises to target the “core” and the whole body. Small apparatus (fitness circles, hand weights, foam rollers, therabands, and balls) are used in this class to help increase resistance, strength, and flexibility. A strong foundation of correct movement is built when doing the exercises. This class is available to those who have learned the beginner level exercises and to those at an intermediate level. This class will leave you feeling strong and stretched, grounded and integrated.

Pilates and ELDOA’s for Spinal Rejuvenation:  This class includes Pilates mat exercises (sometimes using small apparatus and/or balls for release work), and ELDOA’s (specific stretches for each and every segment of the spine to lengthen and create space in the spine). This class is geared toward improving strength, creating space in the spine, and improving overall spinal health. The results of the ELDOAs are profound and some of the many benefits include: reduced vertebral compression; healing for bulging discs; increased muscle tone and awareness; improved circulation & posture, and spinal disc rehydration. ELDOAs also positively affect spinal conditions such as scoliosis and ankylosing spondylitis (among many), reduce overall pain, and rejuvenate the spine. Leave class feeling stronger, open, and taller.

Pilates (Level 1 & 2) & ELDOA (+ Everything But The Kitchen Sink!):  This class combines Pilates, ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching, MELT Method, Franklin Balls, and Franklin Band sequences for whole-body workouts. This class offers mini self-treatments for body care in addition to strengthening, stretching, and opening up the whole body. Leave this class feeling open, taller, longer, stronger, relaxed, worked out, and all with some TLC!

Gentle Hatha Yoga Infused With Pilates:  Gentle Hatha-based yoga class that focuses on the breath guiding each person through relaxation pose (savasana), gentle stretches (asanas), standing poses and flows. Pilates core & stability exercises along with some other modalities (Franklin Method, MELT Method, and ELDOA), are used to assist in supporting and providing strength and release for yoga poses.

At different times, any of the group mat classes may have other modalities infused into the class.  These include MELT Method treatments for the hands and feet, ELDOA’s, Myofascial stretching, and Franklin Method ball rolling to release fascial and band work for whole body workouts.