nicole piller pilates yoga & reiki

a union of body, mind and spirit



Reiki is a Japanese hands on touch therapy that promotes relaxation, pain relief and healing.  A Reiki practitioner is “initiated” through a lineage of Reiki masters (Nicole has been initiated through the lineage of Grandmasters from Master Dr. Mikao Usui).  Light touch is used to channel healing energy to the recipient.  Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to restore balance between mind, body and spirit.  Reiki relaxes the body, helps to quiet the mind, ease pain, balances the body’s energy and accelerate healing.

Any one of any age can benefit from reiki.  Nicole has worked with babies in utero, infants, and adults.  She has worked with cancer patients to help reduce the many side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as clients who have depression and anxiety.

Treatments are performed on a table where the client is fully clothed, and light touch of hands on the body is used in different positions.

Benefits of Reiki treatments can include:

  • Feeling of peace and balance
  • Energizing the body
  • Relaxation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Relief from stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Speeds up healing and recovery from illness, medical treatments, and surgery

Nicole offers individual healing reiki sessions and also sends distant reiki healing to people (who are not physically present in the same room), and to situations that need healing.

The Five Reiki Principles

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Just for today, be filled with gratitude for the many blessings you get
Just for today, devote yourself to your work
Just for today, be kind to every living being