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PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) is a relaxing and effective treatment in relieving pain and treating over 1000 pathologies or symptoms.  PEMF can help stimulate the immune system, bolster resistance to disease and be effective in addressing a range of issues including:

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Muscle, tissue and bone repair
  • Arthritis (Osteo and Rheumatoid)
  • Diabetes
  • Migraine
  • Depression and sleep disorders
  • Inflammation

PEMF is FDA Approved for Bone fractures, Wound Healing, Pain, Tissue Swelling and Depression.  CPT Code G0295.

PEMF is a medical device approved and certified by Health Canada (and the European Health Community) to treat aches, pain, and improving blood circulation in the body. 

PEMF has been coined “The Fifth Element of Health”.  Ionic waves (non-invasive and safe) pass through you when you lie on the PEMF mat fully clothed (or use the pillow or probe for local injuries).  These waves are based on the frequencies of the earth’s electromagnetic fields.  The earth’s magnetic field and corresponding PEMF’s are as important to our health as food, sunlight, water and oxygen.  In fact the earth’s pulsed electromagnetic fields are so essential that NASA and the Russian Space program equipped their space crafts with devices that replicate them.  These frequencies are necessary for circadian rhythms (the natural cycle of changes the body goes through in a 24 hour period), energy production and keeping the body pain free.

Everybody has a natural electromagnetic field which can get interrupted by electro smog (cell phone, microwave, etc.), illness, pain, physical trauma, emotional stress, or bone fractures.

We have over 100 Trillion cells in our body with over 500 Billion reactions that take place in the cells every day.  How does PEMF Therapy work? It acts like a whole battery re-charger helping to recharge your 100 Trillion cells.

The voltage of a healthy cell is about 70-110 millivolts.  When we get sick that voltage drops below 50 millivolts or less and cancer cells are 30 millivolts or less. Pulsed electromagnetic fields act like a catalyst and battery re-charger for these cells and are critical for human metabolism.  PEMF’s also improve micro circulation, oxygenation (up to a 200% increase), help in nerve regeneration, pain management and many other health promoting benefits. There are over 2000 clinical studies and over 10,000 research papers validating the therapeutic benefits of PEMFs.

How did I stumble upon it?   I first heard about it from a colleague many years ago and then used it for the first time about  6 years ago at my naturopath/chiropractor’s office. She owns the iMRS 2000 and uses it in conjunction with her treatments. The affects were subtle, but I noticed a difference.

I started researching it in more detail and found it all compelling… but it had to wait on my wish list for a while longer.  Finally, this summer, it was time to make the commitment to purchasing the iMRS 2000.

Since it’s arrival at the beginning of September, I have used it nearly everyday and it is amazing. I have more energy, fall asleep quickly (and remember my dreams), and my immune system has improved greatly.  I have also used the pillow and probe for local applications on acute rotator cuff injuries and a bicep strain.  After 3 treatments on the specific sites ranging from 20 -40 minutes in length, my pain was completely gone.  Additionally, when my son uses it before bed, he relaxes immediately and falls asleep quickly.

Numerous clients who have been using the mat and or pillow or probe have noticed differences including better sleep, stress and pain reduction, improved elimination (for constipation), healing for wrist sprain (in 1 treatment), and migraine prevention.  The biggest success story was a client who came to use the mat who has been in chronic pain for decades and on expensive drugs (that only caused other serious problems).  After two 1-hour sessions (which included full body mat and pillow on local sites of pain), there was such a dramatic improvement that she purchased the iMRS 2000 for herself.  She truly has s new lease on life.

I am thrilled to add PEMFT (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy) to the studio as another step towards health and healing.  I am happy to discuss PEMF therapy with you further or answer any questions you might have.

For more detailed information, visit the PEMF website below. It is rich in information and also has many videos you can watch to replace the reading.

PEMF website:

Click on the following links for testimonials:–48_qPfKT

 The Professional iMRS 2000:

 The Professional iMRS 2000 comes per-programmed with settings to treat over 300 conditions (ranging from skin conditions, cancer, migraines, diabetes, arthritis, spinal surgery, fibromyalgia, spondylolisthesis… just to name a few), based on 10 years of data using the iMRS 2000 in a clinical setting in Germany.  An e-book of this data can be sent to you upon request.

*The iMRS does not treat or cure any disease, it only helps and assists the body in healing itself.

 Some unique features of this machine include:

1.  Uses exclusively earth-based and brain-state frequencies, so your cells can optimally tune in and resonate to these healing energies.

2.  Uses the research-proven saw tooth waveform which provides the cells with a full spectrum of needed frequencies and optimal ion transport.

3.  Is uses the square wave which was proven to be the most effective for healing, regeneration, and pain relief.

4.  Is has a True Biorhythm clock which helps to synchronize the body and mind to be energized in the morning and relaxed at night.

5.  Has 3 pairs of tightly wound pure copper coils which gives a pure pulsed magnetic field and deeper penetration for a more effective treatment.

6. Reverses polarity every two minutes and has a complex varying waveform which prevents habituation and acclimation so you will get long-term benefits.

7.  Has the ideal range of Intensities from pico tesla to 300 uTesla which is great for both sensitive people needing a gentle setting and high-end athletes who need a stronger intensity.

8. Minimizes electro-smog exposure by converting AC to DC at the wall with a special plug which further insures you will only receive the natural earth-based frequencies that the body needs for healing and repair.