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Beginner and Intermediate Mat

Level 1 and 2 (Beginner and Intermediate levels) include:

  • Classical and contemporary Mat exercises (Beginner & Intermediate levels) for people of all ages and abilities
  • Pilates History and Principles
  • Embodied understanding of functional anatomy and application to teaching the exercises
  • Applying modifications and adding progressions for clients of all ages and capabilities
  • Adaptations for clients with different conditions
  • Using Small Equipment to progress and challenge clients for beginner mat work level (Fitness Circle, Foam Roller, and Toning Balls).
  • Teaching skills and Program Design
  • Free access to as many group mat classes to observe and take during the teacher training program (*a minimum requirement is necessary for completion of the program)
  • Internship hours teaching in the studio and outside the studio
  • Pr-requisite reading, homework assignments, and self-practice hours
  • Practical teaching and written exam


  • 5 Hours: Introduction to the Muscular/Skeletal System and embodied understanding of how the body moves safely and efficiently
  • 36 Hours of Teacher Training Modules
  • 15 Observation (minimum 15 hours, more are encouraged, no extra cost)
  • 15 Internship teaching hours in studio and outside studio. A minimum of 10 hours must take place within the studio. (minimum of 15 hours required, more are encouraged)
  • 15 Hours of Mat Group classes (minimum 15 hours, more are encouraged, no extra cost)
  • 4 Hours Mentored Practice Teaching 2 hours will be within the Teacher Training modules, 2 will be outside the modules)
  • Self-Practice: 35 hours of self-practice
  • 2 Hours for review/ Miscellaneous
  • 3 – 7.5 Hours of Workshops (Anatomy based) mandatory to take at an additional cost to the Teacher Training. (50% off the regular price of the workshops will be offered to all teacher trainees). *Minimum of 2 workshops are required, more are encouraged. 50% discount will be applied until completion of exams.
  • Written and practical exam in the studio (1 hour for practical teaching exam, as many hours as needed for written exam)

*Additional reading material and homework assignments done outside of class time. Assigned reading and homework to be completed before advancing to the next module.

A certificate of completion for 128+ hours of training will be given to each candidate.


Anatomy Foundations:  September 23rd & 24th

Module 1 Teacher Training (Beginner):  October 20th – 23rd

Module 2 Teacher Training (Intermediate):  November 24th – 27th 



$1870 + HST

Early Bird Special $1700 + HST (Registered and paid by September 9th, 2016).

Workshops are additional cost to the teacher training – 50% off regular price.

* Note that minimum of 2 students required. Dates might be subject to change