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Comprehensive Mat

  • Classical and contemporary Mat exercises (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels) for people of all ages and abilities
  • Pilates History and Principles
  • Embodied understanding of functional anatomy and application to teaching the exercises
  • Applying modifications and adding progressions for clients of all ages and capabilities
  • Adaptations for clients with different conditions
  • Using Small Equipment to progress and challenge clients for all levels of mat work (Fitness Circle, Foam Roller, and Toning Balls).
  • Teaching skills and program design
  • Free access to as many group mat classes to observe and take during the teacher training program  (*a minimum requirement is necessary for completion of the program)
  • Internship hours teaching in the studio and outside the studio
  • Pre-requisite reading, homework assignments, and self-practice hours
  • Practical teaching and written exam


  • 5 Hours: Introduction to the Muscular/Skeletal System and embodied understanding of how the body moves safely and efficiently
  • 54 Hours of Teacher Training Modules
  • 24 Observation (minimum 24 hours, more are encouraged, no extra cost)
  • 24 Internship teaching hours in studio and outside studio. A minimum of 10 hours must take place within the studio. (minimum of 24 hours required, more are encouraged)
  • 24 Hours of Mat Group classes (minimum 24 hours, more are encouraged, no extra cost)
  • 5 Hours Mentored Practice Teaching (3 hours will be within the Teacher Training modules, 2 will be outside the modules)
  • Self-Practice: 50 hours of self-practice
  • 2 Hours for review/ Miscellaneous
  • 3 – 7.5 Hours of Workshops (Anatomy based) mandatory to take at an additional cost to the Teacher Training. (50% off the regular price of the workshops will be offered to all teacher trainees). *Minimum of 3 workshops are required, more are encouraged. 50% discount will be applied until completion of exams.
  • Written and practical exam in the studio (1 hour for practical teaching exam, as many hours as needed for written exam)

*Additional reading material and homework assignments done outside of class time. Assigned reading and homework to be completed before advancing to the next module.

A certificate of completion for 188+ hours of training will be given to each candidate. Upon completion of all requirements and exams, teachers will have the skill set to go out in the world and work in any setting (private or group in a Pilates studio or gym) with the knowledge to work safely with clients of all ranges, being able to adapt, modify, or progress as needed.



Anatomy Foundations:  September 23rd & 24th

Module 1 Teacher Training (Beginner):  October 20th – 23rd

Module 2 Teacher Training (Intermediate):  November 24th – 27th 

Module 3 Teacher Training (Advanced): January 19th – 22nd



$2650 + HST

Early Bird Price: $2450 + HST (Registered and paid by September 9th, 2016).

Workshops are additional cost to the teacher training – 50% off regular price.

* Note that minimum of 2 students required to run training program. Dates might be subject to change