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Chakra Workshop: Chakra 1 & 2

Chakra Workshop:  Chakra 1 & 2

Taught by Nicole Piller (Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor & Reiki Practitioner)

Date:  Sunday November 25, 2018:  1:00 – 3:45 pm

Location:  Nicole Piller Pilates & Yoga Studio:   6 Woodrow Ave., Toronto

The chakras originate from the yoga traditions of India and represent the energy centers in the body.  When our chakras are balanced and open allowing energy to flow, we can experience balance, health and aliveness in our physical and emotional bodies, and in our relationships with others.

In this workshop we will explore our lower two chakras which provide the foundation for the rest of the chakra system. You will learn how the root and second chakras can become excessive or deficient from unconsciously held defense patterns.  Learn how to bring the lower chakras into balance through lecture, yoga poses, breathing and meditation practises, bio-energetic exercises, and daily activities.

A detailed handout will be provided to each participant with all the information from the course. A bonus audio meditation will be given to each participant.

Price: $76 + HST. Early Bird Special is $70 + HST (Registered and paid for before November 9, 2018).

Maximum of 7 people!  For more information call: (416) 729-0367, or email:


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